Management of Cultural Heritage

Advanced cultural heritage preservation technology

Through FM Works' photo-based cultural property reverse design technology, it is possible to include valuable sites by producing floor plans, elevation views, cross-sections, and detailed drawings.
2D digital twin of Futenji stone seated Buddha
Example of creating a cross-sectional view of ruins (proper image and drawing work)
Example of Samchansa Temple Site Well Sectional Drawing
A Case Study on the Preparation of a Well Plan of Mithansa Temple Site

Aerial photography and planing

FMworks Inc.'s technology by VRS and RTK drone surveying methods generates high-resolution images through GCP-based reliable 3D data construction.
Plan layout
A layout map of the remains
Trench layout map
Using FMS, a three-dimensional automatic route flight program, it is possible to quickly and accurately shoot areas with severe altitude differences.
Standing Buddha Triad of Rock-carved Buddha in Gyeong-ju Seoak-dong
Geumgang Staircase of Dalseong Yongnyeonsa Temple
Wooden Stone Buddha Triad of Boseong Seonwon, Daegu
Digital logging of Donggung and Wolji LiDAR photography
FM Works Inc. is leading the digital transformation of cultural heritage preservation management to create future value of cultural heritage, discover new businesses, and lay the foundation for industrialization. So far, we have been steadily conducting digital twin cultural properties and aerial survey projects for research and excavation sites, and support various cultural properties-related tasks such as preservation and maintenance of historical sites. In particular, all executives and employees are doing their best to inspire the pride of our nation as a valuable cultural heritage by producing layout, plan, elevation, cross-section, and perspective based on high-resolution drone images.