Monitoring for Environmental

Production of orthoimages for environmental monitoring
Examples of Administrative Measures as a result of Environmental Monitoring
Build a DB about environmental monitoring time series drone image
Monitoring for green algae
Monitoring for floating matters
Monitoring for cattle feed
Monitoring for water temperature
FMworks Inc. provides the best environmental services to preserve beautiful nature, promote sustainable development, and create clean water sources and a safe environment.
FMworks supports rapid action in the event of an accident by delivering video information in real time through advanced ICT and environmental monitoring experience. In addition, it was designated as a representative company of the Four Rivers Drone Environmental Monitoring Team (launched in 2018) to monitor water pollution and acted on behalf of the Daegu Regional Environment Agency, Nakdong River Basin Environment Agency, and Wonju Regional Environment Agency. Recently, it has started to develop water drones that can perform various tasks such as environmental monitoring, reconnaissance, surveying and marine exploration at sea by supporting water pollution accident control activities.