Agricultural observation

Purpose of business
Visualization data is secured by collecting item classification data by aerial photographing crops
It accurately identifies items, builds a foundation for utilizing data according to the items, and calculates the cultivation area
History management is performed for each parcel, and crop cultivation and growth video DB are used as crop price prediction data
By generating automatic flight missions by parcel location and reflecting accurate location information through DEM-based 3D automatic flight and RTK functions, errors can be minimized. Use a high-performance camera to take accurate photographs at an ultra-high magnification (x16). In addition, it prevents overlapping missions and supports the creation of multi-user simultaneous missions through an integrated web-based mission management system.
FMSCT-POI Aeronautical Photography Conceptual Diagram
Way-point mission screen by FMSCT-POI
Web access supports mission creation
Production of results in a form that can record agricultural observation reports
Using ultra-high-resolution aerial photography, it is possible to identify items by target parcel area and take high-efficiency photographs, and the cultivation area data are collected to improve the accuracy of variety identification. The identification software developed by FMworks Inc. compares RTK-photographed aerial photographs with Polygon information on farm maps to express location and display heterogeneous images at the same time, identifying item identification and planting rates.
Distribution map of onions and garlic in Geumsan-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do
Distribution map of onions and garlic in Unnam-myeon, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do
FM Works Inc. has combined cutting-edge equipment with FM Works' unique software technology in the era of smart agriculture. We are continuously trying to apply advanced technologies such as optical cameras, hyperspectral cameras, riders, and thermal imaging cameras to find the most efficient way to observe smart agriculture and present solutions. I promise to be a wise partner by improving work efficiency and quality of performance in the field of agricultural observation.