First established in 2018, we supply special purpose drones tailored to each environment and needs, such as the Ministry of National Defense, National Fire Agency, Korea Forest Service, companies, and schools.
We have experience in planning and general management of various drone-related events and competitions.
We directly plan and operate drone-related events for each local government and various organizations, and are in charge of overall management of large-scale events.
Special purpose drone design, production and demonstration
Development of special purpose drones and special devices (such as thrust system measuring devices) to meet customer needs (design and fabrication)
Developed a number of special-purpose drones, including large rescue drones for rescue personnel, drones for transporting rescue goods, high-rise building fire and forest fire extinguishing drones, water drones, and photography drones.
Received orders for various drone-related development projects, including national tasks, strategic tasks, and industry-academia joint technology development tasks in addition to individuals and companies
Motor and propeller thrust measuring instrument
Easy Detachable Fire Extinguishing Drone
Demonstration of Fire Extinguishing Powder Spraying Drone
Rescue life-saving drone
Demonstration of rescue life-saving drone
Planning and managing events and conferences using drones
Drone soccer
Youth Future Industry Experience Drone Racing Event in Suseong-gu, 2022
FM Works Smart Factory directly designs and produces commercial and special-purpose aircraft required by customers through various tasks such as national tasks, strategic tasks, and industry-academia joint technology development. Based on the experience of developing, designing, manufacturing, and accumulating various drones, including water drones, we produce drones optimized for each industrial site. Drones manufactured by the smart factory are supplied to various organizations such as the National Defense Science Research Institute, the Republic of Korea Army, the Korea Forest Service, and the National Fire Research Institute. Smart Factory, which realizes FMworks' field practical technology, which leads cutting-edge space technology, will do its best to contribute to the development of the drone industry by constantly researching and developing new drone technology.