Main History
2010. 11
Established FMworks Corporation
2011. 06
Registered Venture Business
2011. 11
Registered a manufacturing business of wired and wireless communication controllers
2012. 01
Made Industry-academic cooperation agreement of Kyungpook National University Spatial Information Research Institute
2012. 06
Selected for the Joint Technology Project of the Industrial Union
2013. 04
Selected for the industrialization technology transfer project
2013. 05
Manufacturing and training of unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial photography 3 cases (Gyeongju University, etc.)
2013. 07
Analysis of the GIS Map of Urban Hanok in Daegu, Korean Architectural History Society
2014. 07
Registered a business to use an ultra-light airplane
2014. 11
Core Technology Innovative R&D: Based on GIS Using UAVs
2014. 11
Stereo Aerial Photography and Building Leaning Model, Korean Architectural History Society
2015. 04
Aerial photography and analysis of public inspection using unmanned aerial vehicles, Ministry of environment in Daegu
2015. 06
Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry at Sangju-Yeongcheon Cave Site, Silla Cultural Heritage Research Institute
2015. 08
Aerial Shooting for Asian Cultural Center, The First ICT Inc.
2015. 09
Development of low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles and ground control equipment modules, Gyeongju University
2015. 10
Development of unmanned aerial vehicles for the test support of the 6th Technical Research Headquarters, Agency for Defense Development
2015. 10
Development of UAVs for Forest Management, Korea Forestry Promotion Institute
2015. 12
Construction of GIS Data for Housing Management Plan, Daegu-Gyeongbuk Development Institute
2016. 01
The production of BIM/GIS test bed orthoimages using unmanned aerial vehicles, Allforland Inc.
2016. 06
Construction of the Land Policy Import Decision Database based on UAVs, Allforland Inc.
2016. 10
Development and Training of Unmanned Aircraft (Rotary Wing) for Disaster Response, National fire service academy
2016. 11
Development of landscape analysis tools
2017. 01
Established a research institute affiliated with a corporation
2017. 04
Small and Medium-sized Business Technology Development Support Project was selected
2017. 04
Aerial Survey for the Planning of Seonginbong Culture and Ecological Trail in Ulleung-gun, Ulleung-do
2017. 06
Drone aerial photography service for land survey, LX
2017. 09
Review and Proposal of the Ministry of National Defense BIM Project Implementation Plan, Defense Facilities Headquarters
2017. 10
A project to expand the establishment of a monitoring system for national land information using drones, NIS
2017. 11
Developed the FMS(automatic UAV flight app) and registered a copyright
2017. 12
Air surveying and earthworks calculation services at the civil engineering site of the Health insurance review & assessment service's second building, ArchiTopKL Co., Ltd.
2018. 01
signed a mutual cooperation with the Institute of Architecture and Urban Space, including Dasbeam Co., Ltd, Korea Forestry Promotion Institute
2018. 01
Highway Aerial Shooting Service Using Drones, Korea Land Information Corporation (LX) in Busan
2018. 04
FMS(3D Autonomous Flying System) Commercial Program Launched
2018. 04
Development of 3D Autonomous Flight Control Drone for Smart DSM-Based Forest Management, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
2018. 04
Development of BIM-based multi-purpose construction waste management and resource circulation system linking suAV and 3D Scan, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2018. 06
Technology Evaluation Excellent Company Certification: Excellent (T-4) Grade Certification
2018. 10
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Infrastructure and Transport Award: Forest Drone Technology Contest
2018. 12
Drone Technology Transmission for Forest Administration Development received the audit certificate of the Eastern Regional Forest Service
2019. 04
Registered the production of drones(Specified aircraft)
2019. 06
Registered the Photo-survey photogrammetry program copyright
2019. 06
Air control service for pine nematode disease drone, Daegu Metropolitan City
2019. 09
Engineering businesses and forest technology services were registered
2019. 10
A multi-purpose forest control drone (LEO) station was developed
2019. 10
Observation Survey of UAVs in the Pine Tree Shipyard (area 3), Korea Forestry Promotion Institute
2019. 10
Won the Grand Prize of Digital Innovation, Ministry of Science and ICT
2021. 12
Selected as an innovative company 1000 as a national representative: Advanced Manufacturing and Automation
2022. 7
Selected of Innovative Small and Medium-sized Business(Inno-Biz)
KSCE 2022 CONVENTION Excellence Award for Drone Shooting Contest for Infrastructure, Korea Expressway Corporation Research Institute
Water Quality Environment Conservation Work Commendation, Ministry of environment of Daegu
Construction and Survey Capacity of Yongdang General Industrial Complex Development Project, Hwasung industrial Co,. LTD.
2023. 05
A Drone Survey for 3D Modeling of Sihwa Seawall, Korea Authority of land & Infrastructure safety
2023. 08
More than 320 drone aircraft development, delivery, and operation training were carried out
Selected as the Pre-Star Company of Daegu
2016.10 - 2023.10
A project to survey the observation of unmanned aerial vehicles for pine nematode disease (10 cases in total by 2023), Korea Forestry Promotion Institute
2018.07 - 2023.12
Surface Survey Service Using Drones, Korea Expressway Corporation
2018.10 - 2023.12
Water pollution monitoring service using ultra-light flying devices (9 cases in total by 2023, including Daegu, Nakdonggang River basin, Wonju, etc.), Ministry of environment of each branch
2021.09 - 2023.12
Cultural Heritage 3D Circular Record DB Construction Project, Cultural Heritage Administration
2021.12 - 2023.12
LX Drone Map, National Property Cultural Properties, Air Survey, etc. of Connecting Land for Highway Construction, LX
2022.11 - 2023.10
A Study on the classification and cultivation area of agricultural products using aerial photography, Korea Rural Economic Institute